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Naša kompanija je dobila titulu jedinice "održavanje ugovora i poštovanje kredita" u provinciji Hunan

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On September 23, with years of good faith management record and good contract performance ability, Liuyang Guandu fireworks Group Co., Ltd. successfully passed the investigation and selection of Hunan Administration for Industry and commerce, and won the title of "Hunan Province abides by contract and pays attention to credit" unit in 2016!

For a long time, Guandu fireworks group has been carrying out the contract law and relevant laws and regulations, adhering to the concept of credit first, and keeping honesty as the basis and abiding by the credit in the management; In daily work, we should consciously accept the supervision and management of the administrative departments for Industry and Commerce and the industry supervision departments, abide by the laws and regulations and operate in compliance with the regulations.

The title has promoted the image and public recognition of the enterprise, which is a great spiritual inspiration to the company. As a "contract abiding and credit abiding" enterprise in Hunan Province, it will always carry out the ultimate goal of "creating value for customers and providing high-quality services, and achieving win-win results between enterprises, customers and society".