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Because of the domestic fireworks shows market and wholesales market big demandings, all of the fireworks factories in Liuyang and Jiangxi are full of orders for the next 12 months, especially for the display shells factories - class A and class B factories. (Class A shells factories can make shells of size up to 200 mm, while class B shells factories can make shells of size up to 75 mm.) The domestic market occupied about 1/3 of the capacity of display shells factories.

On the other hand, the raw materials pricing is keep on rise since February 2023(mainly because of the pricing of potassium perchlorate higher and higher) ; Also, the skillful workers are very tight because some of them are over 60 and can't work in fireworks factories any more, payment are higher and higher since year of 2022.

According to above reasons, fireworks products pricing are higher and higher. Take display shells for example, the pricing has risen by 40-50% in the past 12 month. Any orders which are ordered late will surely have late delivery, and will not able to catch the foreigh customers shows or sales seasons.

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